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Web Design & Development - How to secure your Wordpress website with SSL

Secure your WordPress website with SSL

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up SSL encryption to work with your WordPress website. These days keeping your website secure is more important than ever, especially on websites that provide E-commerce solutions where customers are providing sensitive details such as credit card information. Using SSL will allow you to provide your site via HTTPS,  keeping your customers data encrypted and secure while also instilling trust in your website with your customers by showing the little green padlock that appears in most web browser’s address bars.

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Web Design Blog - How to make custom font icons

How to make custom font icons

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If you have ever wondered how you can create your own custom font icons, it has never been easier. In this tutorial you will learn how to create and deploy font based icons on your web page and control them using CSS. We will be using a vector based image editor to create the actual icon, in this case we shall be using Adobe Illustrator but any software that is capable of saving to SVG format will work just fine. We will be using Icomoon.io to convert the icon and generate the font files and CSS.
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Web Design Blog Banner - Web Hosting

Web Hosting and Domain Name Tutorial

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For some, figuring out how to host their website and acquiring a domain name can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Here we will show you how to acquire a web hosting provider and a domain name so you can get your shiny new website online. The whole process from start to finish is actually really easy and essentially just involves adding the product to a cart and paying for it in the same way as you are probably familiar with when buying products anywhere online..

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CSS For Beginners - Website design & development

CSS Tutorial for Beginners

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In this tutorial we shall look at how to apply css styles to web pages. If you are following along with the examples, please first create a folder on your desktop and call it “examples” or what ever you’d like. This tutorial also assumes you have very basic knowledge of how to create and edit an HTML file. You can read about how to work with HTML in our HTML for absolute beginners tutorial.
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